Junkie Chart 124 [PACK-WAV] [2017 fresh tracks]

  Tracklist: PACK 18 – 532 MB Alvin Kyer – Down With Dis (Original Mix).wav 77.84 MB Darius Syrossian – Fugazi Land (Brett Gould Remix).wav 57.90 MB Darius Syrossian – Fugazi Land (Original Mix).wav 61.42 MB Darius Syrossian – Moon Buggy …

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Junkie Chart 123 [ZIPPYSHARE 250 tracks!]


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600 tracks / month Fresh WAV & Exclusive Genuine from Beatport for only 7$ (USD) [UPDATED DAILY]

  +600 tracks / month Fresh WAV & Exclusive Genuine from Beatport for only 7$ (USD) Specially for Dj’s / Producers and Electronic Music LOVERS of the HiGH QUALITY! 7$ (USD) via Paypal / Payza Features:  ✓ +600 tracks WAV 1411 …

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Christopher Hermann – Deluxe

ARTISTS Christopher Hermann RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Hot Cue Music CATALOG HCM054 4 TRACKS TOTAL Christopher Hermann – Deluxe (Original Mix) 8:09 122BPM Christopher Hermann – Deluxe (Fabrizio Spachuk Remix) 8:37 122BPM Christopher Hermann – Deluxe (Alfredo Calderini Remix) 8:18 …

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Curtis Gabriel – Chameleon

ARTISTS Curtis Gabriel RELEASE DATE 2017-07-07 LABELS Armada Subjekt CATALOG ARSBJKT014 1 TRACKS TOTAL Curtis Gabriel – Chameleon (Extended Mix) 5:40 125BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

DJ Pierre – Generate Power 2017

ARTISTS DJ Pierre RELEASE DATE 2017-08-11 LABELS Get Physical Music CATALOG GPM411 2 TRACKS TOTAL DJ Pierre – Generate Power 2017 (Original Mix) 6:42 125BPM DJ Pierre – Generate Power 2017 (Blond:ish Less Diva Rework) 6:49 125BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|N/A|

Donique – MovinSkirt

ARTISTS Donique RELEASE DATE 2017-08-15 LABELS Nuevadark CATALOG NDRK007 4 TRACKS TOTAL Donique – Movin (Original Mix) 7:17 123BPM Donique – Skirt (Original Mix) 6:27 122BPM Donique – Movin (The Editor Remix) 5:57 123BPM Donique – Movin (Chistopher Hermann Remix) …

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Florian Paetzold – Edge of Tomorrow

ARTISTS Florian Paetzold RELEASE DATE 2017-08-11 LABELS Kontor Records CATALOG 4250117683337 2 TRACKS TOTAL Florian Paetzold – Edge of Tomorrow (Original Mix) 3:40 120BPM Florian Paetzold – Edge of Tomorrow (Club Mix) 4:43 126BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Jiminy Hop – Another Moment

ARTISTS Jiminy Hop RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS The Purr CATALOG PURR132 4 TRACKS TOTAL Jiminy Hop – Another Moment feat. Arthur Rafin (Original Mix) 7:52 122BPM Jiminy Hop – Another Moment feat. Arthur Rafin (Extended Mix) 8:55 122BPM Jiminy Hop …

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Man Without A Clue, Marli – Shook

ARTISTS Man Without A Clue, Marli RELEASE DATE 2017-06-12 LABELS Armada Subjekt CATALOG ARSBJKT012 1 TRACKS TOTAL Man Without A Clue, Marli – Shook feat. Marli (Extended Mix) 5:11 124BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Matter, Universal Harmonics – Lost In Time

ARTISTS Matter, Universal Harmonics RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS JOOF Aura CATALOG JA027 2 TRACKS TOTAL Matter, Universal Harmonics – Mesosphere (Original Mix) 9:42 122BPM Matter, Universal Harmonics – Lost in Time (Original Mix) 8:40 121BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Maxson – Neuro

ARTISTS Maxson RELEASE DATE 2017-08-03 LABELS Nonpop Records CATALOG NP027 3 TRACKS TOTAL Maxson – Neuro (Original mix) 6:06 123BPM Maxson – Ciclotimia (Original mix) 6:06 123BPM Maxson – Benzo (Original mix) 6:24 126BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Nereo – Funky Dreams

ARTISTS Nereo RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS Piston Recordings CATALOG PR2017335 2 TRACKS TOTAL Nereo – Funky Dreams (Original Mix) 6:37 124BPM Nereo – Make Up (Original Mix) 5:43 125BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

V.A.- Hull Underground

ARTISTS Jydee, Albo, KEFI, Corey Barker, Ben Straw, Lewis Hawkes, Ruddy RELEASE DATE 2017-08-03 LABELS Fractured Sounds CATALOG FS003 6 TRACKS TOTAL Jydee – Dance To The House (Original Mix) 6:21 124BPM KEFI – Do Stuff (Original Mix) 6:21 125BPM …

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V.A.- Melodic & Deep

ARTISTS Alec White, HPark, Jane Maximova, Asten, Aumcraft, La Rose, Ultraverse, Nikolay Mikryukov, Kob Tila, Tsyba, PhaseVerbs RELEASE DATE 2017-08-17 LABELS Incepto Bundles CATALOG IBL115 10 TRACKS TOTAL PhaseVerbs – Vibrasana (Original Mix) 5:26 100BPM Nikolay Mikryukov – Plants (Original …

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kollektiv SGP – Thesan

ARTISTS kollektiv SGP RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS Piligrim Music CATALOG PLG007 3 TRACKS TOTAL kollektiv SGP – Thesan (Original Mix) 6:26 121BPM kollektiv SGP – Techulcha (Original Mix) 6:54 121BPM kollektiv SGP – Feronia (Original Mix) 6:53 123BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Anthony Megaro – Reborn

Label/Cat#: Waldliebe Familien – W193 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-08-16 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 63 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Techno Tracklist 1. Reborn (Original Mix)7:05 2. Reborn (Larsen Factory Remix)7:09 3. New Orleans (Original Mix)6:48 4. New Orleans (Prudo Remix)7:36 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Greg Denbosa – Breath

Label/Cat#: Geometrik – 10123737 Year: 17 August, 2017 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 34 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Techno Tracklist 1. Breath (07:06) 2. Compaq (08:04) |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Jaxson – Burning Floor

Label/Cat#: BluFin – BFDIG077 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-07-14 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 72 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Techno Tracklist 1. Buffy (Original Mix)7:36 2. DaDaDie (Original Mix)6:14 3. Bright Lines (Original Mix)5:47 4. Pipi Langstrumpf (Original Mix)6:03 5. Scrappy (Original Mix)5:42 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Kaitaro – Black Time

Label/Cat#: Lazerslut – LS056 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-08-03 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 73 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Minimal / Deep Tech Tracklist 1. Squid (Original Mix)6:53 2. Up Side Down (Original Mix)8:09 3. Grape (Original Mix)8:21 4. White Head (Original Mix)8:09 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Nicone – Losing Control

Label/Cat#: Ritter Butzke Studio – RBS131 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-08-11 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 43 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Tech House Tracklist 1. Losing Control (Original Mix)5:58 2. This Is Schnarta (Original Mix)6:07 3. Losing Control (David Hasert & Pierce Remix)6:52 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Proudly People – Enemy N3: MetaPop Remixes

Label/Cat#: MetaPop – CAT42042 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-08-14 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 63 mb Genre: Electronic Style: House Tracklist 1. Enemy N3 (Avanté Remix)6:12 2. Enemy N3 (UNKNOWN7 Remix)6:52 3. Enemy N3 (MizterRab Remix)8:02 4. Enemy N3 (Enrico Caruso Remix)6:30 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Two Mamarrachos – I Want To Touch You

Label/Cat#: Nein Records – NEIN1721 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-07-28 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 82 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Indie Dance / Nu Disco Tracklist 1. Just Want To Touch You (Original Mix)7:30 2. By Faith, Not Arms (Original Mix)5:55 3. Just Want To Touch You (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)8:17 …

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V.A.- Underground Nu-Disco Sessions, Vol. 12

ARTISTS Ethan Marin, Enrico BSJ Ferrari, Newman, Lennart Richter, Dan Ryan, DRKNSS, Seamus Haji, Oded Nir, King Dread James, Peter Zimmermann, Thomas Brown, Body Music, Kataa, Volta Cab, DJ Aristocrat, U.R.A., Deepjack, Andrey Keyton, Irina Gi, Luxxury, Gramma Funk, Bronx …

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V.A.- Visceral 052

ARTISTS Dmitry Molosh, Mondkrater, Mintz, Subconscious Tales, Danito & Athina, Last95, SEQU3L, James Warren, Luis Bondio, Roger Martinez, Andre Sobota, Verche, Kora (CA), Nic Falardeau, Delectatio, Matter, Inkfish, Technocratia, Marco Feddora, Oovation, Etyen, Ashka, Alexey Sonar, D-Formation, Steve Slight RELEASE …

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Biskuwi – Perses

ARTISTS Biskuwi RELEASE DATE 2017-08-16 LABELS PHW Elements CATALOG PHW156 3 TRACKS TOTAL Biskuwi – Perses (Original Mix) 6:07 122BPM Biskuwi – Perses (Ape Sapiens Remix) 10:00 123BPM Biskuwi – Perses (Tim Robert Remix) 8:02 122BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Christian Smith, Harry Romero, Christian Smith & Harry Romero – Neon Jungle

ARTISTS Christian Smith, Harry Romero, Christian Smith & Harry Romero RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Tronic CATALOG TR255 2 TRACKS TOTAL Christian Smith, Harry Romero, Christian Smith & Harry Romero – Neon Jungle (Original Mix) 7:00 125BPM Christian Smith, Harry Romero, …

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Felon – Trees

ARTISTS Felon RELEASE DATE 2017-08-11 LABELS Love & Other CATALOG LOVE08401Z 2 TRACKS TOTAL Felon – Trees (Original Mix) 4:58 123BPM Felon – Annabel (Original Mix) 6:34 125BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

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