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Following Light – Mystery Train

ARTISTS Following Light RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Lincor CATALOG LIN062 3 TRACKS TOTAL Following Light – Mystery Train (Original Mix) 6:58 124BPM Following Light – Mystery Train (Sanchez & Pietkun Remix) 7:32 123BPM Following Light – Nebulosity (Original Mix) 6:32 …

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Einmusik – Blooming

ARTISTS Einmusik RELEASE DATE 2017-06-16 LABELS Einmusika Recordings CATALOG EINMUSIKA102 2 TRACKS TOTAL Einmusik – Blooming (Original Mix) 7:32 124BPM Einmusik – Sakura (Original Mix) 8:02 120BPM

Mark Alow – Be Water

ARTISTS Mark Alow RELEASE DATE 2017-06-16 LABELS Akbal Music CATALOG AKBAL132 3 TRACKS TOTAL Mark Alow – Tzemin (Original Mix) 7:01 120BPM Mark Alow – Luna Llena (Original Mix) 6:59 121BPM Mark Alow – Be Water (Original Mix) 8:12 118BPM

Mr. Lekka – Things You Do

ARTISTS Mr. Lekka RELEASE DATE 2017-06-05 LABELS Optimist. CATALOG OPT001 4 TRACKS TOTAL Mr. Lekka – Things You Do (Original Mix) 6:14 123BPM Mr. Lekka – Toll (Original Mix) 6:42 124BPM Mr. Lekka – Bounce (Original Mix) 6:02 123BPM Mr. …

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Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert – Remix Files

ARTISTS Phi Phi RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Bonzai Progressive CATALOG BP6572017 2 TRACKS TOTAL Phi Phi – Breaking Danger (Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi Remix) 8:35 123BPM Phi Phi – Hiccup (Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi Remix) 7:45 126BPM

Ringberg – Conjurer Dreams

ARTISTS Ringberg RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Inmost Records CATALOG INM155 4 TRACKS TOTAL Ringberg – Conjurer Dreams (Original Mix) 8:23 125BPM Ringberg – Conjurer Dreams (Following Light Remix) 6:01 122BPM Ringberg – Conjurer Dreams (MAM (AR) Remix) 8:42 125BPM Ringberg …

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Stan Kolev – Purpose

ARTISTS Stan Kolev RELEASE DATE 2017-06-12 LABELS Outta Limits CATALOG OL239 2 TRACKS TOTAL Stan Kolev – Purpose (Original Mix) 7:29 124BPM Stan Kolev – Arpeggios (Original Mix) 7:17 124BPM

V.A.- To the Underground, Vol. 12

ARTISTS Gili & Craig, Lexlay, Jamie L Ward, Groove Phenomenon, Salomon B., AndReew, Wolf Story RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Great Stuff Recordings CATALOG GSRCD056 6 TRACKS TOTAL Wolf Story – Maasai (Original Mix) 6:47 124BPM AndReew – Soul of Party …

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Ugur Project, Mehmet Özbek – Routine Workz

ARTISTS Ugur Project, Mehmet Özbek RELEASE DATE 2017-06-05 LABELS Haliaeetus Music CATALOG HM0073 4 TRACKS TOTAL Ugur Project, Mehmet Özbek – Charged (Original Mix) 6:22 123BPM Ugur Project, Mehmet Özbek – Monsta (Original Mix) 7:08 122BPM Ugur Project, Mehmet Özbek …

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V.A.- The Best Of Nu Disco

ARTISTS Lykov, DJ Favorite, Mr. Freeman, Superfreak, Theory, DJ Favorite, Major Lover, DJ Kristina Mailana, Major Lover, Will Fast, DJ Favorite, DJ Kharitonov, Crystal Shakers, Going Crazy, Will Fast RELEASE DATE 2017-05-22 LABELS Garage Recordings CATALOG GAR041 13 TRACKS TOTAL …

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Alex Nemec, Forniva – Fragile

ARTISTS Alex Nemec, Forniva RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Soundteller Records CATALOG ST128 2 TRACKS TOTAL Alex Nemec, Forniva – Fragile (Original Mix) 6:22 120BPM Alex Nemec, Forniva – Primavera (Original Mix) 6:30 123BPM

Adrian Oblanca – Demention

ARTISTS Adrian Oblanca RELEASE DATE 2017-06-02 LABELS Yaiza Records CATALOG YZR325 3 TRACKS TOTAL Adrian Oblanca – All Right! (Original Mix) 7:27 121BPM Adrian Oblanca – Come Back To Be (Original Mix) 7:03 122BPM Adrian Oblanca – Demotion (Original Mix) …

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Adana Twins – Flower of Cane

ARTISTS Adana Twins, Jeppe Kjellberg, Adana Twins RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Watergate Records CATALOG WGVINYL040 6 TRACKS TOTAL Adana Twins – Flower of Cane (Original Mix) 6:33 122BPM Adana Twins – Ortus (Original Mix) 6:06 122BPM Adana Twins, Jeppe Kjellberg …

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Andrei Niconoff – Cause & FX

ARTISTS Andrei Niconoff RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS BC2 CATALOG BC2158 3 TRACKS TOTAL Andrei Niconoff – Cause & FX (Original Mix) 9:13 120BPM Andrei Niconoff – Cause & FX (Magnetic Brothers Remix) 8:00 122BPM Andrei Niconoff – Cause & FX …

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Che Armstrong, Charlie Alpha – Waiting for You (Remixes)

ARTISTS Che Armstrong, Charlie Alpha RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Axon CATALOG AXON081R2 2 TRACKS TOTAL Che Armstrong, Charlie Alpha – Waiting for You (Midge Remix) 7:50 124BPM Che Armstrong, Charlie Alpha – Waiting for You (Robin Thurston Remix) 9:06 123BPM

Anlaya Project – Maui

ARTISTS Anlaya Project RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Progressive House Worldwide CATALOG PHW270 4 TRACKS TOTAL Anlaya Project – Maui (Original Mix) 7:51 128BPM Anlaya Project – Maui (Bee Hunter Remix) 6:54 126BPM Anlaya Project – Maui (T Davids Remix) 6:53 …

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DJ Dep – Desalojado

ARTISTS DJ Dep RELEASE DATE 2017-06-02 LABELS Underground Audio CATALOG UGA058 4 TRACKS TOTAL DJ Dep – Desalojado (Original Mix) 6:44 125BPM DJ Dep – Desalojado (Fancy Inc Remix) 5:44 124BPM DJ Dep – Broken Glass (Original Mix) 7:17 124BPM …

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Anton MAKe – Catcher Clouds

ARTISTS Anton MAKe RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Stellar Fountain CATALOG SFR262 3 TRACKS TOTAL Anton MAKe – Catcher Clouds (Original Mix) 7:36 120BPM Anton MAKe – Catcher Clouds (Be Morais Remix) 7:36 123BPM Anton MAKe – Catcher Clouds (Chris Drifter …

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Freiboitar – Love to Laugh

ARTISTS Freiboitar RELEASE DATE 2017-06-05 LABELS Indiana Tones CATALOG IT118 2 TRACKS TOTAL Freiboitar – Love to Laugh (Original Mix) 5:05 120BPM Freiboitar – Love to Laugh (Superlover Remix) 5:49 122BPM

Funkstar De Luxe, Jack Shizzle, PBH – Sun Is Shining

ARTISTS Funkstar De Luxe, Jack Shizzle, PBH RELEASE DATE 2017-06-16 LABELS Armada Deep CATALOG ARDP308 1 TRACKS TOTAL Funkstar De Luxe, Jack Shizzle, PBH – Sun Is Shining (Extended Mix) 5:03 121BPM

FDF (Italy), Danijel Kostic – Holding Me Up

ARTISTS FDF (Italy), Danijel Kostic RELEASE DATE 2017-06-16 LABELS Enormous Chills CATALOG ETC034 1 TRACKS TOTAL FDF (Italy), Danijel Kostic – Holding Me Up (Original Club Mix) 6:54 122BPM

Hurlee – Back To 80

ARTISTS Hurlee RELEASE DATE 2017-06-16 LABELS Large Music CATALOG LAR255 2 TRACKS TOTAL Hurlee – Back To 80 (Original Mix) 6:24 120BPM Hurlee – Dancing (Original Mix) 5:54 120BPM

GC System – Reflection

ARTISTS GC System RELEASE DATE 2017-06-05 LABELS 3xA Music CATALOG 3XA178 2 TRACKS TOTAL GC System – Let’s Yourself (Original Mix) 7:09 123BPM GC System – Reflection (Original Mix) 6:40 123BPM

Luca Fioretti, Thomas Balestroni – Fear

ARTISTS Luca Fioretti & Thomas Balestroni RELEASE DATE 2017-06-05 LABELS Amazing Lab CATALOG AMALAB043 2 TRACKS TOTAL Luca Fioretti & Thomas Balestroni – Fear (Original Mix) 5:29 123BPM Luca Fioretti & Thomas Balestroni – Fear (Florens B Remix) 7:29 124BPM

Jagin – In Loved, Reflection

ARTISTS Jagin RELEASE DATE 2017-06-19 LABELS Intricate Records CATALOG INTRICATE222 2 TRACKS TOTAL Jagin – In Loved (Original Mix) 6:00 125BPM Jagin – Reflection (Original Mix) 5:20 126BPM

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