Cid Inc. – Obsidian

ARTISTS Cid Inc. RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Suffused Music CATALOG SMD180 2 TRACKS TOTAL Cid Inc. – Obsidian (Original Mix) 8:27 123BPM Cid Inc. – Obsidian (Suffused & Ewan Rill Remix) 6:55 123BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Double Game – Whistle Dance

ARTISTS Double Game RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Green Martian CATALOG GM2017306 2 TRACKS TOTAL Double Game – Whistle Dance (Original Mix) 6:05 120BPM Double Game – Whistle Dance (Anosmia Remix) 7:42 120BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Inaki Cerqueira – Move

ARTISTS Inaki Cerqueira RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS Tres 14 Music CATALOG TR14175 3 TRACKS TOTAL Inaki Cerqueira – Move (Original Mix) 6:34 123BPM Inaki Cerqueira – Once (Original Mix) 6:41 122BPM Inaki Cerqueira – House (Original Mix) 6:36 123BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

John Gregory – The Dark Chariot

ARTISTS John Gregory RELEASE DATE 2017-08-04 LABELS White Soho CATALOG WHS075 2 TRACKS TOTAL John Gregory – The Dark Chariot (Original Mix) 6:16 125BPM John Gregory – The Dark Chariot (Radio Edit) 4:40 125BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Sergey Tkachev – Matorral

ARTISTS Sergey Tkachev RELEASE DATE 2017-08-11 LABELS Intricate Records CATALOG INTRICATE230 1 TRACKS TOTAL Sergey Tkachev – Matorral (Original Mix) 8:56 123BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Superlounge, Mano Andrei – Exclusives #1

ARTISTS Superlounge, Mano Andrei RELEASE DATE 2017-08-11 LABELS Akbal Music CATALOG AKBAL135 2 TRACKS TOTAL Superlounge – Uluwatu Dub (Original Mix) 6:25 124BPM Mano Andrei – Never End (Original Mix) 7:07 122BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Coming On EXCLUSIVE!

Artists George Privatti, Guille Placencia Remixers Label Glasgow Underground Styles Tech House Date 2017-08-11 Catalog # GU2154 Length 6:55 Tracks 1 George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Coming On (Original Mix) 6:55 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Noir – Keep Up EXCLUSIVE!

Label/Cat#: Get Physical Music – GPM408 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-08-25 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 31 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Techno Tracklist 1. Keep Up feat. Richard Judge (Club Mix)9:15 2. Keep Up feat. Richard Judge (Few Nolder Remix)5:40 3. Keep Up feat. Richard Judge (Original Mix)7:45 |N/A|FILEFACTORY|

Alex Plug – Sub Agents

ARTISTS Alex Plug RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Eternal Beats CATALOG EBEATS016 4 TRACKS TOTAL Alex Plug – Sub Agents (Original Mix) 7:56 125BPM Alex Plug – Sub Agents (Naxound Remix) 7:52 123BPM Alex Plug – Hypnotron (Original Mix) 8:44 122BPM …

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Bob The Groove – My Bro Da Rastaman

ARTISTS Bob the Groove RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Bonzai Progressive CATALOG BP6762017 2 TRACKS TOTAL Bob the Groove – My Bro Da Rastaman (Original Mix) 8:50 123BPM Bob the Groove – My Bro Da Rastaman (Sunrise Mix) 8:31 123BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Guti Legatto, Alex Wellmann, Javi Parra – Les Nubeiros

ARTISTS Guti Legatto, Alex Wellmann, Javi Parra RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS Mimetic Music CATALOG MM020 4 TRACKS TOTAL Guti Legatto, Alex Wellmann, Javi Parra – Les Nubeiros (Original Mix) 6:15 123BPM Guti Legatto, Alex Wellmann, Javi Parra – Les Nubeiros …

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Hector Couto – Mr Magic

ARTISTS Hector Couto RELEASE DATE 2017-08-07 LABELS Roush Label CATALOG RSH060 4 TRACKS TOTAL Hector Couto – Mr. Magic (Original Mix) 6:12 125BPM Hector Couto – Alive (Original Mix) 5:42 125BPM Hector Couto – Aphrodite (Original Mix) 5:26 124BPM Hector …

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K.Oshkin – Heaven

ARTISTS K.Oshkin RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Bonzai Progressive CATALOG BP6772017 4 TRACKS TOTAL K.Oshkin – Heaven (Original Acapella Mix) 6:16 125BPM K.Oshkin – Heaven (Ewan Rill Remix) 6:21 122BPM K.Oshkin – Heaven (Federico Monachesi Remix) 7:28 122BPM K.Oshkin – Heaven …

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Klaus Keller – So Deep

ARTISTS Klaus Keller RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS Crossworld Records CATALOG CWR211 3 TRACKS TOTAL Klaus Keller – Beat Back (Original Mix) 6:33 123BPM Klaus Keller – Late Nights (Original Mix) 6:32 123BPM Klaus Keller – So Deep (Original Mix) 6:33 …

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Marien Baker, Ian Ludvig – Great Times

ARTISTS Marien Baker, Ian Ludvig RELEASE DATE 2017-08-07 LABELS Techaway Records CATALOG TEC008 2 TRACKS TOTAL Marien Baker, Ian Ludvig – Great Times (Original Mix) 6:32 123BPM Marien Baker, Ian Ludvig – Get The Fuck Off (Original Mix) 6:48 123BPM …

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Roxx Cherry – Busy Monkeys

ARTISTS Roxx Cherry RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS EP Digital Music CATALOG EPDM21 4 TRACKS TOTAL Roxx Cherry – Busy Monkeys (Original Mix) 6:36 123BPM Roxx Cherry – Busy Monkeys (Hermanez Remix) 6:42 125BPM Roxx Cherry – Busy Monkeys (Kreisel Remix) …

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Spillo – C’mon and Dance

ARTISTS Spillo RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Disco Revenge CATALOG DISCOREVENGE037 1 TRACKS TOTAL Spillo – C’mon and Dance (Original Mix) 5:26 120BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Stefano Parenti – Heritage

ARTISTS Stefano Parenti RELEASE DATE 2017-07-31 LABELS Malicious Smile CATALOG MLSR125 2 TRACKS TOTAL Stefano Parenti – Ganoa (Original Mix) 7:18 123BPM Stefano Parenti – Heritage (Original Mix) 7:17 124BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Tantsui – Planet of the Apes (Remixes)

ARTISTS Tantsui RELEASE DATE 2017-08-11 LABELS Kindisch CATALOG KD112 4 TRACKS TOTAL Tantsui – Planet of the Apes (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) 6:10 126BPM Tantsui – Planet of the Apes (m.O.N.R.O.E. Remix) 6:17 122BPM Tantsui – Planet of the Apes (Anthony Georges …

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The Dolphins – Creeping Code

ARTISTS The Dolphins RELEASE DATE 2017-07-14 LABELS Tulipa Recordings CATALOG TULIPA178 5 TRACKS TOTAL The Dolphins – Creeping (Original Mix) 7:11 125BPM The Dolphins – Creeping (Oscar Barila Remix) 6:03 125BPM The Dolphins – Creeping (Distale Remix) 7:12 125BPM The …

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Pattern Drama – Pattern Drama & Friends

  FECHA DE LANZAMIENTO 2017-08-11 COMPAÑÍA DISCOGRÁFICA Touch of Class CATÁLOGO TOCM012 Tracklist: JADE (CA), Starving Yet Full, Pattern Drama – Make You Mine Feat. Starving Yet Full (Original Mix) Jon Lee, Pattern Drama – Messenjah (Original Mix) Pattern Drama, atish – Baraka …

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Wax Worx – Pleasure Designed

ARTISTS Wax Worx RELEASE DATE 2017-07-30 LABELS Erase Records CATALOG ER413 2 TRACKS TOTAL Wax Worx – Pleasure Designed (Original Mix) 6:38 126BPM Wax Worx – Crazy Freaks (Original Mix) 6:40 126BPM |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Xsector – Elastic Metaphoria

ARTISTS XSector RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14 LABELS Mistique Music CATALOG MIST662 3 TRACKS TOTAL XSector – Elastic Metaphoria (Original Mix) 6:08 125BPM XSector – Elastic Metaphoria (Alexander Saykov Remix) 7:20 110BPM XSector – Elastic Metaphoria (George Yammine On A Long Journey …

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Tiga – Woke

Artists Tiga Remixers Label Turbo Recordings Styles Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Electronica Date 2017-08-04 Catalog # TURBO193S Length 3:56 Tracks 1 Tiga – Woke (Original Mix) 3:56 |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

Kryder & Erick Morillo – Waves

Label/Cat#: Subliminal – SUB359 Source: WEB Release date: 2017-08-14 Format: mp3 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 10 mb Genre: Electronic Style: Funky / Groove / Jackin’ House Tracklist 1. Waves (Extended Mix) |ZIPPYSHARE|FILEFACTORY|

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